Integration with Symphony Healthcare Services Ltd

Dear Patients

Thank you for your feedback and questions following the July 2021 update regarding the transfer of the practice from Somerset NHS Foundation Trust to Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS).

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to ask questions, provide feedback and get in touch. The feedback received and questions asked were used to construct the Frequently Asked Questions document that can be found below to support those interested in understanding more about the planned changes.

Upcoming webinars are still planned and available to all patients to provide more detail about SHS as an organisation, as well as what integration will mean. The date of the final online session is detailed below and to register simply click on the link

Wednesday 25 August (7pm-8pm). Presenter: Dr Harvey Sampson, Director of Strategic Development

We are now working towards the next steps and would like to confirm that we are looking to integrate into SHS in early October 2021.

While we are moving forward with the next steps of the integration, we are still open to feedback and questions and we encourage patients to continue sharing their thoughts with us.

All the best,

The Warwick House Medical Practice Team

Integration FAQs are available here:

Informational Webinars:

Saturday 14 August (9.30am-10.30am). Presenter: Barbara Williams- Yesson, Associate Director of Nursing and Quality,cjESkpuRD0WZa3S9FMqYMQ,OeA6ubPuGE6xAEPIZbo_Vw,B2TNWe2t3E2iAVtWfaNktA,NIeyFdEZJ0CSlZxpHUKWeg,aX6ssYfdvk-dO6fsLUURoA?mode=read&tenantId=37c354b2-85b0-47f5-b222-07b48d774ee3

Wednesday 18 August (7pm-8pm). Presenter: Dr Harvey Sampson, Director of Strategic Development,cjESkpuRD0WZa3S9FMqYMQ,OeA6ubPuGE6xAEPIZbo_Vw,T7Io-jNr7ECokt-4SBPHng,KJ6W6avq-UumZFFE5s12fA,8IUD3mku9EiZQXzdWHGfxQ?mode=read&tenantId=37c354b2-85b0-47f5-b222-07b48d774ee3

Friday 20 August (12.30pm-1.30pm). Presenter: Dr Berge Balian, Medical Director,cjESkpuRD0WZa3S9FMqYMQ,OeA6ubPuGE6xAEPIZbo_Vw,OT_GDcC_V0uzzml6frsvew,31gTaNZa-0yyf4kQwtTkvQ,YmEjPB1iMUq9A67WyrtvXA?mode=read&tenantId=37c354b2-85b0-47f5-b222-07b48d774ee3

Warwick House Medical Practice Patient Update – July 2021

For a number of years Warwick House Medical Practice has been a part of Somerset NHS Foundation Trust (SFT). The past few years have been, and continue to be an incredibly challenging time for the NHS. The added pressures of the pandemic and the ongoing vaccination programme has meant that Warwick House Medical Practice like all our colleagues across primary care have had to rapidly adapt to ensure the continuation of healthcare in a safe and secure environment.

Even without COVID-19, the demand on primary care continues to grow. It is important that, as a practice, we consider how we will continue to meet this demand, while ensuring the future healthcare needs of our patients are met.

Over the past few months, SFT, Warwick House Medical practice along with Creech Medical Centre, Lister House Surgery and North Petherton Surgery (who are part of the same group) have been working closely with Symphony Healthcare Services (SHS).

SHS is an NHS subsidiary of Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (YDH) and a primary care organisation who currently manage 16 NHS GP practices locally. Over the past few months, they have been providing operational and management support to the four practices named above.

Over the last few years there has been much closer working relationships between all health and care organisations including YDH and SFT which is planned to become even more integrated in the future. With these closer working relationships between all parties and the breadth and wealth of specific experience that SHS is able to provide for primary care, we believe that the best option for the future of our practice is to integrate into SHS.

Joining a larger primary care organisation, that still has the support of the acute trusts, and can draw from a wide range of expertise, will provide a stronger future. This will not only ensure the future sustainability of the practices, but it will also enable the practice to draw on the wider workforce expertise within SHS, allowing us to better support the future needs of our patients.  

There are no planned changes to staff so you will continue to be contacted and see those currently working in the surgery. Telephone, email and contact details will also remain the same, and so patients who feel they are, or may be unwell should contact the surgery in the way they always have.

We have kept the Patient Participation Group (PPG) fully informed about our thinking and of our discussions with SHS, but we understand that you may have questions, comments or concerns you wish to share with us because of this proposal.

We encourage those wishing to get in touch, to do so by Monday 9 August 2021. This will give us time to review and understand all of the comments.

To get in touch, please email the practice via [email protected] or if you would rather speak to someone directly please contact us on 01823 282147.

We are planning to hold a series of online sessions, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the next steps to anyone who would like to be involved. These are intended to take place on:

  • Saturday 14th August, 9.30am
  • Wednesday 18th August, 7pm
  • Friday 20th August, 12.30pm

Further information on how to join these sessions will be published shortly.

We will also be developing a series of FAQs, which will be available on our website by 13th August.

Sian Mara 
Operational Manager 

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