Introducing your Advanced Clinical Practitioner

We currently have two Advanced Nurse Practitioners at Warwick House. Please read on for further information about their role in our team of clinicians.

Job titles can be confusing. This page explains newer healthcare professionals called Advanced Clinical Practitioners, or ACPs.

What are ACPs?
ACPs are highly trained professionals with the knowledge and skills to take on wider roles caring for patients. They have advanced qualifications (such as a Masters degree) and the experience to work independently without direct guidance from a superior, although they are still supervised and work as part of a clinical team.
They come from a range of professional backgrounds such as: nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, pharmacy, paramedicine and occupational therapy.

What do ACPs do?
ACPs can manage your care in partnership with you and your carers. They’ll listen to your concerns and in partnership with you, make decisions on the next steps to make sure you get the care you need. They can prescribe some drugs, order tests, organise treatment and work out the best treatment plan with you.
You might meet them in your GP surgery, on a hospital ward or in the accident and emergency department of your local hospital.
What’s so different about advanced clinical practice and other specialists?
Advanced clinical practice is quite different from specialist practice. Specialists are experts in their chosen clinical area, for example in diabetes or asthma care. ACPs work across subjects as they have the advanced knowledge and skills to look after your care as a whole.

How does this affect me?
You may be asked if you agree to be looked after by an ACP. Usually, this is because they are likely to offer excellent all-round care for your particular circumstances. If you are not willing, you can ask for a different kind of healthcare worker to look after you.

Where can I find out more?
Just speak to your ACP about their role and training. You can also learn more about ACPs in general by visiting

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